Error: Steam must be running

This error is due to the Steam DRM and an incorrect game path being set.

Regardless if you have a member account or a free account you are first going to need to make a shortcut to your game through steam. Lets use MW 3 as an example. To create the shortcut you need fire up Steam and go to the "Library" tab. Once there right click on the game you are trying to set up (Cal of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer for our examle) and choose the "Create desktop shortcut" menu option. You now have the shortcut you need.

If you have a member account changing the game path to this new shortcut is very easy. Simply start up Stix Studio and edit the game Stik you are using. Once the edit window opens you need to drag and drop that new shortcut that is on your desktop to the window opened. Now click "Save Stik". Close any Joystix Pro windows and start Joystix Pro back up. Now when you click play your game should start up correctly.

Free Joystix Pro users will need to reset your configuration. This process can be found here. Once you have deleted the folders listed you are going to need to restart Joystix Pro. At this point you will have to either re-enter your email with the "Already Registered" link or by using Facebook. After you have finished the validation step click play. A box will pop up asking for you to set the game path. Drag and drop that new shortcut you created onto this window and click OK. You should now be all set!

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